Jon M Queen DC: A Citizen Of The World

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There are certain individuals who have the courage to make a change and stand up for what they believe is right. And they are admired for that quality. Some are more known than others. Others are happy to pursue their passion and at the same time offer their help freely without expecting any form of recognition. They are the ones who make a really big impact to the world, taking their skills and abilities to good use. One such example is Jon M Queen DC.

Jon Queen holds a specialization in the fields of finance, economics as well as law. He is regarded as an expert in the area of trading transactions, legal analysis, contract drafting, project financing and risk analysis. But his impressive resume is not the reason why he is recognized as a citizen of the earth.

Jon M Queen DC was one of the lawyers at Latham & Watkins LLP. He was in charge of the business development initiative of the firm for greenhouse gas and climate change. He was also part of John Hancock’s financial services group. He then moved to join the International Environmental Trading Group or IETG where he was a Senior Vice President and head of the Eastern Europe group. After which, he joined Anemone Group of Companies as the Executive Director.

Jon Queen is the Managing Director at Jaspen Capital Partners. He has an extensive experience and a comprehensive resume to support his credentials. In his company, he is mainly responsible for equity as well as fixed income placements. He works at creating a structure and managing the development of specific projects as well as transactions involving capital market in Ukraine. He is also implements deals involving the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism, WWF’s Gold Standard and the Voluntary Carbon Standard and Joint Implementation Mechanism. Before his major stint at Jaspen Capital Partners, Jon Queen worked at Phoenix Capital which is an investment bank located at Kiev. He served as a Director of International Sales in his previous company, Phoenix.

Taking his extensive experience, though he was involved in different companies, his work is consistent at projects advocating the cause of the environment. And this more than his impeccable work history is what is impressive about him. He is indeed a model that people should emulate. While being a professional, he does not forget his responsibility s a citizen of the world.





Dismissal Solicitors

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If you accept that you accept been unfairly dismissed, again you charge to get admonition from an accomplished application law adviser as anon as you possibly employment law solicitors can. Accomplish this move afore you anticipate about demography a affirmation to a Tribunal.

Being absolved from your job is demanding abundant – getting absolved unfairly is even worse. Pursuing an arbitrary adjournment affirmation in these affairs can absolutely yield a assessment on your claimed resources, so it’s capital that you accept an able arbitrary adjournment adviser on your ancillary from the actual beginning.

The aboriginal affair you charge a adviser for is specialist knowledge. Application law is a complex, ever-changing area. Although the affairs of your case will be different to you, an arbitrary adjournment adviser will be able to attending at your case in the ablaze of their added experience. They’ll be able to allocution to you about agnate sorts of cases that they’ve handled, and how those cases fared at the Application Tribunal.

Following on from this, you charge a adviser to appraise the strengths and weaknesses of your alone case. To accomplish a acknowledged arbitrary adjournment claim, you will charge to prove that your employer breached your application rights. The Tribunal will charge to be assertive that you were absolved for an inherently arbitrary reason, or that your employer acclimated arbitrary procedures in adjustment to get rid of you. Your case accordingly needs to be as able as possible. Your adviser will be able to advice you with this.